Gems of the Week

I'm going to New York later this afternoon and staying until Monday. I haven't been in what seems like ages, so..... excitement.
Dealtry lookbook via Odette New York.
Joe Kessler.
Nurture Studies by Diana Scherer via Length x Wit.
Vogue Living Australia. Photography by Jason Busch.
Miss Crabb via Lovelorn Unicorn.
I'm obsessed with the Flavia DeLuce books, so I was tremendously excited to see Brigette's illustration of her.

Also -
Also - this was a super short Gems of the Week post, but I've got to pack.


  1. are you going to renegade tmrw? i will be there to hunt product !

  2. hello! so happy that you like the scarves, thanks so much for the mention in your post! my friend let me know about your blog, it's great!

  3. Have an awesome time in New York! Looking forward to stalking you via instagram. And thanks for the link!


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