Doctor Dolittle

Doctor Dolittle (1967) was one of my most-watched musicals from childhood, but probably the one I enjoy the least as an adult. 

The opening titles (by Don Record) sure are wonderful though (you can watch them here).

The Great Pink Sea Snail is another highlight of the film.

If I was a billionaire I'd open a restaurant called The Great Pink Sea Snail (you would dine in the shell).
According to the imdb trivia page the sheep urinated all over Rex Harrison. DESERVED. Well, maybe not - but the main reason this movie doesn't age well for me is the fact that Doctor Dolittle annoys me to the extreme. The idea that Samantha Eggar's character is interested in him in a romantic way is completely implausible.
I wish human eye doctors used food-related eye charts.
She sort of reminds me of Katie Aselton from The League a bit.
My favorite creature in the movie as a child. I wanted a Push Me Pull You (apparently it's officially titled a"pushmi-pullyu").
I feel like "mammoth" isn't the best adjective, because I'd definitely expect to see an act featuring mammoths after viewing the sign. False advertising.
One of the best performers in the film.
.... this guy too.
Inside the sea snail.
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