How to Murder Your Wife

So. This was an interesting one. 

Here's the summary (via) -
A successful syndicated cartoonist (who acts out the adventures he later infuses into his cartoon-strip character, "Bash Brannigan, Secret Agent") is dedicated to living the bachelor life, complete with a devoted English butler-valet-confidante. Until he awakens one morning after a wild stag party, only to discover that he married the sexy, sensual Italian beauty who popped out of the cake and barely speaks English. What's more...she doesn't believe in divorce. Now, how does the ultimate bachelor get rid of her? With the perfect murder scheme, of course!
Throughout the movie you're confused - is this supposed to be a satire? Or not? Should I be super offended? Or (once again) not? Whether or not it's meant to be a straight-up satire, the guy below (the butler) IS UNHINGED! Just ready for murder. Casually. Casual wife murder.
He's lost his mind.
Perfect casting. This guy is scarier than Hannibal Lecter. Well, that's an exaggeration. But he's a grade A cretin. 
Some Like It Hot has been one of my favorites since middle school or so. The Apartment has been a fave for about as long. Both of those movies made me a Jack Lemmon fan.... and then I started watching things for these posts and so many times he plays a semi-creep-ish asshole. And now I find myself loathing the sight of him! They're ruining Jack Lemmon for me! What am I doing!
Let's be frank - pretty much a douchebag / asshole / shit. 
Virna Lisi. Her performance is WONDROUS. Even if the movie is supposed to be a satire, you can tell that you're meant to think that she's annoying. You're meant to sort of understand why Jack Lemmon would want to get rid of her. BULLSHIT! She's the best. No one should be trying to murder ANYONE, but if someone has to murder someone - she should be offing Jack.
So many great facial expressions captured in this post.
Note the magnificent Mary Wickes on the left.
Showdown. He's ready to kill her with that grater. Slowly.
Nice desk set-up.
"Oh you poor, poor guy! That she-devil trapped you into marriage." Negatory.
One of her flaws is that she basically cooks TOO WELL. She "makes him" fat. Eye roll.
This post is way too image heavy, mostly because I can't resist pictures of this little dew drop.

(Note - I use the word dew drop as a term of endearment directly due to the influence of Sassy from Homeward Bound.)
Those freaking hen-pecking wives. Plotting against their husbands.
Immediately brings this to mind.
At the end even the creep finds love.

Anyway. I recommend viewing it if only to watch Virna Lisi. And because it's ridiculous. 

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