Gems of the Week

Speaking of cakes, Sara teaches you how to decorate a wintery one over here.
Leah Goren (featuring the wonderful On Flora).



gory ceramics / a great-looking old picture book / The Artificial Christmas Tree (an adorable animation) / I love this beautiful collection of recipes Diana received from her bridesmaids / negativity logos / more work by Lauren Rolwing - ceramics / movie architecture / beautiful drinking glasses / adorable printable gift tags / the new Paper & Chain collection / furniture that looks like gigantic pieces of candy / a wonderful house / it's a little late to order anything (obviously) but - my post on ornaments for the Etsy blog / I love that the model is smiling in every image from this Band of Outsiders collection / Dog Ears / such a great gif / ceramics vs. paintings / Andy Warhol's cakes / Julia Kostreva's beautiful planners / a hilarious yet amazing goose dress / cake books / golden guts / Gentleman's Shakespeare / candy packaging