Ten Dollars and Under (A Gift Guide Type of Thing)

zine by Evah Fan.
walrus by Outside Everywhere / Pam & Tom coloring book by Ben Javens / zodiac notepads
stickers designed by Anton Ginzburg.
Clareillustrates / 1canoe2 / lemon candy
Luka Va.
pop out and play characters / tetris earring set
Togetherness Esther Sandler / zine by Eleni Kalorkoti
zine by Sarah McNeil / The Pixel Coloring Book / Put An Egg On It
Alice Apple.
Little Otsu's Living Things Series - Volume 4 by Lilli Carre / PLOC Magazine
Isabel Reyes Feeney / face notepads at Hach Paper
LEON Smoothies, Juices & Cocktails.
Lisa Jones Studio / oneup designs
Present&Correct / Catherine Campbell
Sara M. Lyons.
Missy Kulik / notebook at Paper Pusher / book of recipes by Kate Sutton
wooden typewriter card holder / journal by Julia Rothman
Japanese page markers / wooden cat clips
Miniature Bestiary Vol. II / Misako Mimoko / Jenn Kitagawa
Hum With Me.
Jen Collins / Greenwich Letterpress
Wee Gallery / Hartland Brooklyn
Nightjar Books.
boygirlparty / Isabel Reyes Feeney / Quill and Fox
Owen Davey / zine by Abel Jimenez
Clare Shrouder.
Kate Broughton / Genevieve Santos / Naoshi
Rouba Mourtada at Howkapow.
zine by Gemma Correll / comic by Luke Pearson / zine by Marissa F.
zine by Elisabeth McNair / zine by Mel Stringer
That'll Be Fine.
Mossery Co. / Kathleen Habbley / Julianna Swaney