It Happened on Fifth Avenue

The holiday films continue with It Happened on Fifth Avenue (1947).
Every year, when the O'Connors leave their lavish New York home to spend Christmas in Florida, hobo Aloysius T. McKeever (Victor Moore) takes up residence in the house in their absence. But this year, daughter Trudy (Gale Storm) shows up unexpectedly. Posing as a runaway, she keeps her identity a secret, as does her father (Charles Ruggles) when he arrives home. The confusion that follows ensures the O'Connors will never forget this Christmas.
Here's Aloysius breaking in (with his adorable dog). Basically, he Mary-Poppins-ifys the family (acts as an outsider who fixes their problems and then spirits away). Merry Christmas.
I told you the dog was adorable. That's what I want for Christmas.
Fairly entertaining. Don't go out into the sleet and snow to hunt it down, but if you happen to be around when it pops up on Turner Classic Movies.... maybe worth a watch while you sit with your laptop checking out blogs on feedly or whatever. Browsing instagram. Looking up pics of capybaras. 

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