Gems of the Week

The Biran Collection.
A new print by Anne Benjamin.
A Janelle Monáe print by Alice Lickens.
Pete Cromer.
I watched The Wicker Man the other night and I was so unsettled that I had to stay up reading much later than I wanted to in order to get back in a better frame of mind before trying to fall asleep. 
Some John Cusack cuteness from The Sure Thing. The first of two movies in which he discusses Cassiopeia (the other = Serendipity). Actually, who knows! I haven't seen every John Cusack movie. Maybe there's more. 
The Taming of the ShrewYup. As you can see I watched a lot of movies that I don't want to devote full posts to.
I Wake Up Screaming.
I found shiny things for the Etsy blog.
Victoria Ying.


Leah Goren for Hobes / guardians / what happens when you break a sculpture in a gallery / Jen Corace at buyolympia / ugly shoe brigade / ZigZag city guides / an interview with Carson Ellis / so many beads / a juice box costume / wax food / I wish that I could have gone to the Mary Blair retrospective


the Jennifer Garner and Scott Foley Gap ad (plus Lindsay Lohan for Calvin Klein Kids) / "To my eye, watching Seth Rogen grapple with responsibility in Knocked Up is a much more honest engagement with the meaning of maturity than watching Woody Allen grapple with a 17 year-old Mariel Hemingway in Manhattan, a presumably more 'grown-up' film" / the beautiful imperfection of MagnoliaWinnie Holzman on My So-Called Life / Chloë Sevigny / "I watched it for the 20th time by myself, when I should’ve been at some cool-kids dance, and instead found myself at home, lights out, pretending I wasn’t sad or anxious or worried what this night might predict about the rest of my life" / Billy Wilder / Joan River's magical joke factory (plus Billy Eichner on Joan Rivers)/ on rewatching / Vic's Winona Ryder board on pinterest / "the cryle" / cleaning montages  / an oral history of Heathers / why we trust those who love basic food / "Adventure Time’s dozens of characters are complex in a way that is rarely seen on television for adults, let alone children; each seems to inhabit his own world" / bloody handprints / "In this sequence, there’s a convincing lack of preciousness, which is the key to great food photography: making food gleam so that it excites our reptile brains without making it so perfect-looking that it seems inauthentic" / the making of Gone with the Wind / Clair Huxtable


beasts on book covers / "just because something demonstrably is not real in the same way as everyday life doesn't necessarily mean it has no existence at all" / Stephen King, The Art of Fiction No. 189 /  the future of the future of books / "I am not influenced by books. Instead, I am shaped by them. I am made of flesh and bone and blood. I am also made of books" - Roxane Gay  / The Who, the What and the When


a capybara eating a popsicle / The Awful Reign of the Red Delicious / 25 Famous Women on Childlessness and on not knowing if you want kids / snackwave / I want a SWASH / rather creeped out by dumpling man / butts / a stroke at 33 / a brief history of gummy bears