Tuff Turf

Oh look! It's young James Spader.

Tuff Turf (1985).

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I was expecting a more lighthearted movie - something less jokey than Sixteen Candles... more along the lines of Some Kind of Wonderful. It was much darker! Knife fighting! Guns! The music they use in the trailer makes it look like more of a romp. False advertising. 
Baby Robert Downey, Jr.
James Spader's family moves to California from Connecticut. He's in trouble before school even pops into session: he invades the "turf" of a "tuff" neighborhood gang and ruins a robbery they were in the midst of. 
They are not pleased. They demolish his bike and spritz his face with paint after class gets out on the first day.
RDJ plays James Spader's sole ally.
The crimp-y blonde is the gang leader's girlfriend. Naturally James Spader's character falls for her.
Let's just say that there are many other teen movies from the 80s that you should watch before this one.
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