I'm Moving to New York!

I got a job in New York and I'm moving to the city.


I'm very excited. Sad to be leaving Maine (I love you, Maine - I'll be up as often as I can), but very excited.  

And in the midst of all this excitement... I'm also stressed out (oh so intensely stressed out) about finding a place to live. Swiftly.

Do you need a roommate? Do you know someone that needs a roommate? Please, please let me know! 


I'll appreciate it forever and you'll instantly become my greatest hero. Seriously.

edit - So I'll officially be in the city on October 19th (staying somewhere temporary) and looking for a room opening up on or before November 1st.
Have any other New York tips, words of wisdom or the such? I'd love to hear those as well. I've visited many times, but this will be my first time living there.

Thanks everyone! That's all for now. 
all the New York screenshots in this post are linked to the movie post they originally came from.