Bells Are Ringing

Bells Are Ringing - a musical starring Dean Martin and Judy Holliday, directed by Vincente Minnelli (1960).

The main character of Bells Are Ringing is named Ella (played by Judy Holliday). She works at a phone answering service called Susanswerphone. Oh the wit.
The commercial for Susanswerphone is hilarious.
The one in the blue? That's Ella. The other woman is standing over a fan to cool herself off. Even though this post is being published in October, I'm writing it in August and I definitely feel like standing over a fan. But I have no fan to stand over. Woe.
This is her boss - played by Jean Stapleton from All in the Family. I kept expecting her to say "Archie!"
Ella goes on a date and the peacock-y back of her dress catches on fire. THE WORST. 
She uses the info she gets from being an answering service girl to help other clients. SHE ISN'T SUPPOSED TO DO THAT. But she does. Mostly she spends her time developing a crush on a writer-client with writer's block named Jeff Moss (Dean Martin). The only issue is that when she talks to him, she puts on the voice of an old lady and he calls her "mom". It's rather strange. 
She's all moony and swoony about him - EVEN BEFORE THEY MEET.
Here he is.
In some movies Dean tends to be super orange and scary, but he's pretty naturally tinted in this.
I liked his office.
There's another plot line where this dude is using Susanswerphone as a cover for his gambling business.
Oh, musicals. How I love you.
She sneaks into his apartment to make sure he wakes up in time for an appointment about a movie he's writing. When he wakes up she pretends she was in there accidentally (riiiiiiiigghhhhhht) and then ends up becoming his muse - BUT - he has no idea that she's really "mom" from Susanswerphone.

Obviously complications ensue, but it all ends romantically and happily.
Oh yeah, there's ANOTHER plot where the police think Susanswerphone is actually an escort service.
The fake name she uses is Melisande, which is almost like Melisandre (you know, Stannis's pal).
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  1. loving the hot pink type over the dark images. that commercial is the best! omg, Mallory, this was 1960!! so mad men is all true then with the status of women at that time. no wonder the pill and bra burning happened that decade!! however, we had those phones growing up and i miss them. i want the one in forest green. it's hilarious that there are three plot lines. also, i want that blue couch. and i think i need susanswerphone, what a lifesaver.

  2. Judy Holliday is such a cutie! Loving the afghan and glasses. PS: Nice G of T reference! :)


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