Designing Woman

Today's movie is Designing Woman (1957) starring Lauren Bacall and Gregory Peck.

I've always sort-of wanted to wear a fancily decorated swim cap.... but don't they hurt your hair? Pull at it? If you've worn one, please explain. I'd be so grateful.
The summary (via netflix) - 
Sports writer Mike and fashion designer Marilla meet while traveling, fall in love and quickly get married. But the honeymoon comes to an abrupt end when they return to New York and must contend with the fact that they're practically strangers. Having to deal with exes and angry mobsters only complicates things further. This nuanced comedy, directed by Vincente Minelli, earned an Oscar for Best Original Screenplay.
She really likes airplane food. Maybe it was better back then. Probably.
A screencap of Lauren Bacall's ass. Because. I mean. Why not?
If you're prone to using the adjective "fierce", I think this would be a good time to do so.
When I used to be in plays in high school / college, I'd LOVE acting with a glove. Or gloves. Plural. Pulling them off or on. Good busywork. 
A GOLDEN PIG! What a gift.
I guess she's the original skinny-girl-who-is-always-eating-in-a-romantic-comedy.
My favorite face to make when looking at myself in the mirror.

See last week's post when I mention Minaj-ing - I can now call it Bacall-ing.
Would you believe me if I said I ate an exact replica of this for dinner last night?

I hope you didn't, because that did not occur.
It must be difficult to keep such billowing and voluminous sleeves out of the icing. A daunting task.
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  1. I used to wear a similar (no that fancy) swim cap as a child and I seem to remember they did pull your hair. However that was East Germany in the 80s...they might have improved...

  2. I think your screenshots are just hilarious!!! well done

  3. So was this a yay or a nay. I take your recommendations seriously since I am very loyal to a movie once I put it on, good or bad...

    Also you might like this swim cap modeling video. I did.

    1. Well, I was pretty enthusiastic about the movie for the first half.... but by the end my attention had waned a bit. So.... half a yay?

      Now I must go watch this swim cap video.


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