Take Me Out to the Ball Game

Today's movie is Take Me Out to the Ball Game (1949) - a musical starring Gene Kelly and Frank Sinatra, directed by Busby Berkeley.

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I didn't realize that Frank had such great dance moves. Obviously he's no Gene, but still!
This is (supposedly?) a baseball card...... but to me it looks like one of the cards you put in a slot for the game Guess Who. 
So realistic-looking! Ha.
I think they're a dream team.
This screencap is actually pretty creepy. Gazing at Esther Williams (of course they had to give her a swimming scene).
I love ruffling a skirt. Is "ruffling" the right verb? I don't know. I love waving about a skirt. Whatever.
Amazing facial expression / dress.
I wonder how he got the scar....

(2 minutes later)

I guess this is how.
"Wolves O'Brien" = wonderful name.

When I drive (or look in the mirror or, you know, just sit) I always try to REALLY contort my face. I call it Wiig-ing. Or Minaj-ing.
Maybe I should've saved this post for the fourth of July. Oh well. AMERICA.

True story = I hate baseball. But I love musicals!

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  1. love the name wolves o'brien. also 'busby berkeley', what? i always had a thing for gene kelly. i really want their tweed jackets. frank's baseball card has a lot of make-up on, what?


Thanks for your comment you wonderful person you.