The Matchmaker

Why hello.
And hello to you too.

("Hackl" is such a great last name to say aloud.)
Shirley! Long time no see.
The Matchmaker (1958) - based on the play by Thornton Wilder, starring Shirley Maclaine, Anthony Perkins, Robert Morse, Shirley Booth and Paul Ford. 

Rather delightful because Shirley, Anthony & Robert are true gemstones. Gemstones capable of making amazing facial expressions. 

The play became this movie and this movie would eventually go on to become Hello Dolly! (I can't believe that I haven't done a post devoted to the excellent Hello Dolly! yet).

Surprisingly erotic. I thought about making this the image at the top of my twitter account, but I thought it might come off as strange. The fact is, I am strange. But. I decided against it. For now.
Shirley I love you so much.

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