Film On Paper (Part Two - Childhood Favorites)

My second Film on Paper devoted post. These are some of my childhood favorites found in that treasure trove o' posters.

I didn't realize how much I watched this movie as a child until I watched it a year or so ago and realized I knew every word and beat. Obviously I'd seen it quite a few times.

Daffy & Donald on the dueling pianos will always be the best part.

You know, I wasn't particularly fond of this movie, but I just really like the poster so it got tossed into this Childhood Favorites post anyway for aesthetic purposes.

Although..... now that I think about it, the Worm really was an awesome character. And my sister and I did constantly sing "My name is James, that's what mother calls me" in a really droning dull voice. When we wanted to be annoying to all people in the vicinity, apparently, because I just tried to imitate the way we sang it, and it's irritating to the extreme.

Labyrinth! So good. Oddly, the poster isn't focusing on David Bowie. And as much as I love David Bowie's other "real" music, I listen to the Labyrinth soundtrack 10 times more than I listen to "Hunky Dory" or "Aladdin Sane". I listen to "Golden Years" more than Labyrinth songs though. "Golden Years" is the most, well, golden Bowie song in my opinion. Then "Underground". What a jam.
Did anyone else see Super 8 this weekend? Yeah. I've been meaning to watch The Goonies and Stand By Me ever since for some cheery boy camaraderie. E.T. I don't have as much of a hankering to view because even though I watched it dozens of times when I was little, it always depressed me whilst it enchanted me. When they capture E.T. and start doing tests on him and such. Just the thought of it sort of dampens the happiness level that was soaring after I indulgently stared at my Muppet poster. Thus why I haven't watched E.T. since I was actually a child.

And I'm aware that the end of Stand by Me is somewhat more depressing than E.T.

I still watch that though. Nonsensical.

The Muppet Movie. "More Enchanting Than Humanly Possible" - so true. I have one of those posters with all the Muppets on it hanging near my desk. I'm looking at it right now and it fills me with joy. If you judge me for that.... well, I judge you. MUPPETS.

I'd love to replace it with the poster above though.

I've never actually seen the Dark Crystal. But I know that if I HAD viewed it as a child.... I would have loved it. It just seems like it would have been my sort of thing. I've always been too afraid to watch it as an adult-ish person because I'm afraid it's one of those movies you have to love as a child to appreciate as an adult. Like The Last Unicorn. I was obsessed with it. In college I found it on dvd & immediately forced my roommate and current boyfriend to watch it with me, as they'd never seen it. Their reaction was basically "What the fuck is this, and why do you love it so much?". The Never Ending Story is similar. I love it, but.... I can see how someone who didn't fall in love with it during childhood would be like - really?