Film On Paper (Part Three)

The third post stuffed with posters found at Film on Paper.

Faces (with a bit of body thrown in a few times, but mostly just faces). Also - I don't really even know what that Steven Spielberg poster is for. Did they just put up a poster celebrating the director instead of the movie he was releasing? Who knows.

I'd probably know if I paid more attention when I saved the image. But. You know. I didn't.

Also, regarding the Scarface / Raging Bull posters with their - PACINO and DE NIRO, I feel like the just-the-last-name poster trend is only ever used for men. I'd love to see a movie poster that's mostly consumed by Meryl's face with STREEP splashed across it.

I just thought I'd throw these two up together. A nice contrast.
Duos on hot pink.
Some shadowy / grayscale / b&w / whatever-you-want-to-call-it posters. I think it's interesting that they didn't even put the title on the Dances with Wolves poster (a movie I've never seen).
The Shining. One of my favorite movies. The first scary movie I ever saw. The start of my obsession with Jack Nicholson.