Fleur Wood

Looks by Fleur Wood.


  1. Well it looks like im already an avid reader of gems, BUT i must say I did have a mini heart attack when I saw that you were scrapping WTLTA!!! It is definitely my favourite blog ever and my heart has broken a little bit that it will soon be gone- I often flick back through all the old posts since you began so i have a plea- could you transfer all of the posts onto gems?? that way we will have the best of both worlds, after all what's in a name?
    keep blogging and sorry for my perhaps a bit OTT outburst!

    1. Thanks!

      I transferred MOST of the posts over here (& deleted them from Where the Lovely Things Are). The only posts that didn't migrate over were all the item-centric ones: if they were old, the items weren't available in the stores anymore so it didn't make sense to spend the time transferring the post.


Thanks for your comment you wonderful person you.