World Party Day - Music & Dancing

This final World Party Day post is devoted to the joyful duo that is music & dancing.

(see the first three World Party Day posts HERE & HERE & HERE)

All images are linked to the movies they come from.


  1. You have the best taste in movies. These posts make me want to spend all day watching them - probably not the best thing, but oh well ;)

  2. Oh my gosh these are great (Esp. Freaks and Geeks!)

    Nice blog title by the way :)

  3. i have got to re-watch say anything. i've had a crush on john cusack for forevah. these are great, party lady.

  4. also, don't hate me lady but next time you watch titanic, can you do me a favour and just count the number of times she says/yells 'jack' when she's trying to get to him through the water. and just let me know. cuz that's about the only part of the film that i can remember cuz it drove me bonkers. it made me want to scurry with the fringe on top, fast, away from the film. can we still be chums even though i didn't like/hated parts of titanic?

    1. My best friend HATES HATES HATES Titanic, so we can definitely still be chums. I love Titanic, but I think it's mostly because it came out when I was in 7th grade and it was like the perfect moment for me to see it and love it. If I'd been older or younger, I'm sure I wouldn't have adored it quite so much or possibly at all.

  5. These screencaps are so good, and so many wonderfully unexpected. Under the Sea? Jesus is just alright with me? Awesome.

  6. These selections made me happy just looking at them. great way to celebrate World Party Day! Very creative you are!


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