Red Cap Cards

I'm a firm believer in card sending. I love all of my friends, but some of them irk me because I send them fleets of lovely cards and they NEVER SEND ONE IN RESPONSE. I mean, I push that anger aside because some people just don't send cards. They just don't think to do it. Whatever. It's not personal. Etc. It's better to give than to receive. Yeah, yeah, yeah.

BUT.... that being said.... I reserve a special place in my heart for all my friends who reciprocate my snail mail sending. Particularly - AMY. The best mail sender ever. Shout out to non-blog-owning Amy.

This brings me to Red Cap Cards. They're awesome and have an array of marvelous illustrators designing cards for them (Lizzy Stewart! Jill Labieniec! Blanca Gómez! So many more!). 

Send one of their cards to a friend. Do it for me. But also for the friend that will actually be receiving the card.

I guess I should say, do it in my HONOR.


  1. I love that you send cards! I'm not the greatest at snail mail, but I try to send things out every now and then, because I know how amazing it feels to get something personally addressed to you from a friend :)
    And those cards are the cutest!

  2. love love love red cap cards! i am a snail mail lover as well, can't beat the feeling of opening up your mailbox and finding a special treat inside!

  3. I too am a mail sender in a dwindling-snail-mail world (mostly kooky postcards from the bookstore), and never get any back, haha. So I LOVE these cards but have to say...if I got them, I'd probably end up framing them for my bedroom wall.


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