The Art of Disney Animation (Part One)

Do I love Disney movies? Yes. Do I love illustration? Yes. Do I love the blog The Art of Disney Animation (featuring concept art from Disney [and Pixar] movies)? Yes. Yes. Yes.

If you think I went a little over-the-top as far as picking my favorite images for this post goes, you probably don't want to check back tomorrow.... because I'm doing another post featuring part II of my favorites then.

It's hard to choose a favorite Disney Movie. Aladdin / The Little Mermaid / Beauty & the Beast / The Lion King basically consumed my childhood (& I still enjoy watching them). To this day I could recite each and every one of them. Verbatim. My favorite-favorite is probably The Sword in the Stone though. And I'm endlessly fond of Robin Hood, The Jungle Book (jazziest/best Disney music everrrr) and Peter Pan. Plus, (obviously) Mary Poppins. Although that's mostly live action so I don't really count it as an animated movie.

Honestly, as far as classic Disney movies go, there isn't one I straight-up DON'T like. My least favorite would probably be Pinocchio. But even Pinocchio is pretty grand.

As far as more recent movies, I loved Tangled. I loved Tangled so much. I mean, I thought Finding Nemo, Toy Story 3, Up & wall*e were great (like everyone else in the world, basically) but I think Tangled kind of slipped under the radar (comparatively) and I found it to be amazing in such a classic-Disney-movie-way. I sing the songs frequently. Very frequently.