Musicians Performing

I was sifting through the archive of this blog and decided to put together a post featuring some of the black and white photographs of bands/musicians/whatnot performing. So that's what this is.

There's quite a few Debbie Harry shots up there because I enjoy Debbie Harry. Fact - in middle school I bought Blondie t-shirts even though I'd never listened to Blondie just because I had blonde hair. I remedied that though. And by remedied, I mean I started listening to Blondie, not changed my hair color. I'm still blonde.

Another fact - when people talk about regrets I'll always say that the only regret I have is that in 3rd grade, when the time came to choose an instrument to learn, I chose the clarinet instead of a more badass one. I always think - "Oh! if I'd only learned how to play the drums or the guitar I wouldn't have quit in middle school and I'd have went on to be in a band, etc." That probably never would've happened, but I tell myself that sometimes.

In college, during my theater days, I always longed for the directors to chose a show focusing on a band with a Karen O like character that they would cast me as so I could live out rock star fantasies for a brief period of time. Thrash around screaming into a microphone while wearing a sweet outfit. Obviously that never happened. I couldn't just audition for an ACTUAL musical (because I don't have that kind of voice), so I wanted to do a play that was like... a musical biopic. I'm pretty sure no such play exists, so it isn't shocking to say that I never had the pleasure of being in any such thing. The only singing I ever ended up doing on stage was as a crazy girl sitting in an attic warbling to her pet mice. It wasn't quite the rock-star-sort-of-deal I had in mind, but that play was still grand. I got to stick bread up my nose as well. And taste "blood" from an "open wound".

When it comes right down to it though, if a genie gave me an option to be any sort of musican, I'd chose to be a successful movie score composer over a rock star. I freaking love movie scores & I wish I could compose them. Thomas Newman, imbue me with your skillz.