Jean Shrimpton

"The Shrimp" was 1960s model Jean Shrimpton's nickname... & is pretty much the greatest nickname of all time. Can I please marry someone whose last name is Shrimpton just so I can use it for myself? I mean. I eat a lot of shrimp, but not enough to merit the nickname simply through decapod crustacean consumption. Almost though. Nearly.

I was inspired to do this post after seeing a Shrimpton picture on Fancy Fine / The Swinging Sixties. Then I delved into the Shrimpy treasure trove that is the Jean Shrimpton tumblr, so all the images were found there.

Another cool name - Rosemary Bramble... who was photographer David Bailey's wife whilst he had an affair with The Shrimp.

There's going to be a movie about Shrimpton & Bailey, apparently. I'm sure it will be a fashion-fest.