Gems of the (Previous) Week (plus some fantasy outfits)

And here's the last of the fantasy outfits...
jeans / top / necklace / bra / boots / sunglasses / bag      
cardigan / sandals / tee / bag / underwear / jeans  
top / sunglasses / tote by Alison Hardcastle / sandals / jeans  
dress / boots / clutch by Falconwright
sunglasses / jeans / tank / heels / bag  
sunglasses by The Row / jeans / shirt / flats / wallet


I love the wallpapers Tuesday Bassen designed for Tinybop / Mr. Printables / shape party / children's books as interior inspiration / beautifully photographed fad diets / confetti "shake it" present wrapping / a new addition to Diana's comparison series / Samantha Pleet's Arcadia film and collection / vintage Dutch package designs / Tuca the Toucan / if you live in Los Angeles you should go to Ann's show


What's in Prince's fridge? / a Mary Poppins musical remix-ish thing / Cate Le Bon / Laura Marling's new music video (plus a new video from Solange) / the first time I went to a Broadway show I got to sit in the front row and make eye contact with Norbert Leo Butz while he pelvic thrusted in a dance routine - I've been a fan ever since (that's a light hearted sentence, but part of this article is very sad)


a porcupine eating banana in his fort / I backed the awesomely-illustrated Downton-Abbey-esque Lords & Ladies game on kickstarter / block quilt patio diy / a new-to-me food blog - The Sugar Hit / the everlasting crop top / bookshelfies / Wholier-Than-Thou / I want to wear this dress / cat encounters