Five Weeks in a Balloon / In Search of the Castaways

I netflixed the two movies in today's post thinking that they'd be silly and ridiculous..... never guessing that they'd just end up being rather dull and monotonous. Who knew. 

(.... not me, or I wouldn't have added them to my queue!)

The opening titles of the first movie are attractive though...
Five Weeks in a Balloon (1962) starring Red Buttons, Barbara Eden, Fabian and Peter Lorre. Based on the book by Jules Verne.

When the balloon looks like this, you think you'll be in for a ridiculous romp - not the case.
There may be a champagne-sipping monkey, but the film is still lame.
Now we have In Search of the Castaways (1962), based on another novel by Jules Verne. Another unfortunate adaptation for Mr. Verne. This one stars Hayley Mills and Maurice Chevalier.

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