Assorted attractive home goods

soup bowl by Marimekko at Huset.
Ellie Curtis (bugs) / me and zoo (tear) / Mini Empire (group) / Leah Duncan / jonnaxkangan (bright)
bowl by Iittala at Huset.
chair by HAY at Huset.
platter by rcboisjoli studios.
tray by Maria Dahlgren at Huset.
rug at The Land of Nod.
bag by Uashmama at Girl & Graaf / pot by Atelier Stella / bottle opener at LEIF / stars by John and Jane Kostick / mirror at Terrain / ice bucket by Impulse / tea set by Leah Sheely / sake pot by Kota Fukunaga at Mjolk    
coasters by Ruff House Art.
pillow by Kangan Arora.
vase by Jen E.
tea towel at Mjolk / napkins at Terrain / oven mitt at Human Empire / tea towel by Leah Duncan  
tea towel by Fisk & Fern.
basket at Leif.
bowl set by Haand at Steven Alan.
chair at Terrain.
measuring spoons at West Elm / graters at Poketo / whisk at Terrain / butter dish by Orla Kiely / beaker at West Elm

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  1. I love your round ups Miss Mallory. LOVE THEM. It's like you have taken a walk through my mind and found all the things out there that I would like.


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