Deep Dark Fears by Frank Krause

Similar to the first one, I have a fear that if I leave my foot hanging out off the end of the bed (or even just sticking out beyond the blanket) a monster will come and bite it. Or just some intruder will climb out from under the bed and grab it. Totally normal. Of course, this is coming from someone who has to check her closet EVERY NIGHT before laying down to go to sleep. Check to make sure there's not someone in there (tucked behind all the dresses).


  1. i regularly have nightmares about snakes, and then CANNOT GET BACK TO SLEEP if any part of me - except head - is not curled up and completely covered by my sheets.

    summer nightmares are THE WORST because my house is hot and we have no air conditioning...

    so i COMPLETELY get your foot off bed thing >_< 'cause sheets protect us from monsters and snakes. totally logical!

  2. Oh, dear, I've always checked the shower before going to bed ^^
    Now that I live in a supertiny 13 m2 studio I feel safer: there's no place for monsters and intruders to hide!!

  3. I can't have my feet dangling either!


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