There's a Girl in My Soup

Well..... at least the opening credits are sort-of cool (you can watch them here). As for the rest of the movie.... 
Peter Sellers creeps me the fuck out. I love Being There, but.... ehhh. He skeeves me. So this movie - There's a Girl in My Soup (1970) - was pretty much torture, as he plays a womanizer. 

His catch phrase is "My God, but you're lovely" and it will send CHILLS OF DISTASTE down your spine and into your pelvic area every time you hear it. 
An awesomely-patterned lawn swing.
Now you see why I watched this - Goldie Hawn's in it! I loved her in Cactus Flower (see that post here), so I thought I'd continue the Hawn-love with this and - you know - she is pretty good in it, but just not good enough to make me ever, EVER want to see this again.

But maybe you're curious?

This summary (by Robert Horton, found on amazon) sums it up pretty well - 
The best that can be said for There's a Girl in My Soup is that it is not quite as bad as its reputation. A belly flop in the careers of Peter Sellers and Goldie Hawn (she was fresh off her Oscar® for Cactus Flower), this Boulting brothers production did nothing to showcase the sparkling comic talents of those two performers. Sellers has some nice moments early as a famous TV-host twit, whose career as a serial seducer is halted after meeting hippie chick Goldie. It's one double-entendre after another: "You only want one thing," says one of Sellers's conquests. "Yes, but what a lovely thing," he sighs. Seen now, the movie is most fun for its goofy look at the gestalt of swinging London: Sellers' automated bachelor pad was surely an inspiration to the Austin Powers folks, and his checkered beige suit must be seen to be believed. 
This screencap leads you to believe that she comes to her senses and escapes him BUT that is sadly not the case.
LEAVE GOLDIE! Your natural instincts are so correct.
It's so rare to see actresses wearing tights in movies. 

I always think that it's a nice realistic detail (great example - Mavis disrobing in Young Adult).
Do we really need a gratuitous shot of Goldie's ass? No. But I've been obsessed with matchy-matchy-ness since I was about 3 and I love coordinating underwear with outfits.
I guess the real disappointing thing about this movie is that Goldie Hawn never ends up in a vat of soup. False advertising. 
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