The Great Race (Part Two)

Andddddddd we're back for round two of The Great Race! I bet you've just been waiting on pins and needles for this. Rest assured, I am here to yank those needles and pins out of you. Relief is here. Alleviation has arrived.

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Two different versions of Natalie's surprised face.
Pugs! This movie really does have everything.
The pie fight scene! Oh how I long to be in a pastry fight. This longing is blatantly due to  this scene in Hook.

There is a TON of fascinating information about this scene on the The Great Race wikipedia page. Even if you don't see the movie, I recommend reading it. Also - the imdb trivia page

Shout out to everyone who (like me) reads the trivia page for every single movie they watch.
 Favorite Natalie costume.
The end!

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  1. Ooh, that's cool that Vivian Vance and Peter Falk were also in it.


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